Sciatica, lumbar pain and dorsalgia are very common pathologies that can be alleviated by myotherapy….



It is the muscle contracture, not the arthrosis, that causes joint pain. A simple treatment of deep muscles…


Myotherapy, which works on deep muscles, is particularly effective at alleviating chronic migraines and other cephalgia.


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What is Osteo-Myotherapy

Osteo-myotherapy (also known as Brachy-myotherapy or Myotherapy) is an osteopathic technique which treats muscular dysfunctions acquired following recent or long-standing trauma. It's a gentle therapy which aims to treat persistent muscle spasms which are the cause of most joint pain, neuralgia (cervicobrachial or sciatica), as well as many other pathologies such as migraines, etc. Myotherapy works directly on the muscles by maximum, passive shortening, without forcing and therefore without pain.

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Alex Oakes

"After only a few treatments my persistent headaches and neck pain have disappeared completely.  I am now having regular treatments to work through longer term problems.  As a middle aged international man with 20 years experience in integrated healthcare I can tell what works and what doesn’t. This works and I urge everyone to try it, both to treat current or long standing problems and as a preventative"

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